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Why Attendance Matters

The school displays a positive and proactive ethos that places high value on attendance through:

ensuring attendance and punctuality are given a high priority;

ensuring regular attendance and punctuality is given emphasis in newsletters to parents/carers, school assemblies, staff meetings, open evenings, notice boards and governors' meetings

The school encourages good attendance through rewards and certificates for improving or good attendance throughout the year.

Letters of concern are sent to parents of those children whose attendance is causing a concern. Attendance Meetings with parents are used to open a dialogue with parents as soon as possible to try and support parents in making sure their child(ren) attend school.

If a child has an attendance of 90% each year this is equal to half a day absence from school each week. Over 5 years this is half a year!

Our Whole School attendance improved greatly over the last few years, rising from 89.9% in 2010/2011 to 95.1% in 2014! We have maintained attendance above 95% since then. Although we are really proud of our previous success we are aiming even higher this year!

St. William's Class League Table

Every week our class attendance is celebrated in Celebration Assembly and on our newsletter. Classes with attendance of 95% or above are given a reward of an extra playtime. At the end of each half term our class league winners are invited to wear non-uniform for a day to recognise their achievements.


Class Winners

Autumn 1

Year 5: 97.9% 

Autumn 2


Spring 1


Spring 2


Summer 1


Summer 2


100% Attendance Awards

Every Monday, in Key Stage Assemblies, children who have not missed a session during the previous week are entered into a class prize draw. Each half term children receive prizes for not missing a single session.  The prizes get bigger and better each term culminating in a £10 gift voucher for a full year’s attendance!! We recognise that improving school attendance requires the whole family working together, therefore this year we have introduced a new draw each half term for a family day out.